How to get and input X and Y coordinates

So I’m making an Ant Colony game and have leafs spawn at random locations on the map, I want to be able to click on the leaf and have the anst move to that location of the leaf. But to do that I need to get the X and Y position of the leaf when I click on it and send the positions to the ants, or if there’s another easy way to execute this I’m all ears.
Thank you in advance to everyone for any help.

You can easily get the position with leafs.X() and leafs.Y().
The instance of leafs that you click on is always selected automatically.

Ok I think I got it.
So how do I make the ant rotate to the right position when moving ?
This is how I had it set up before to move one ant using the wasd keys

This is how I set up my movement.

The movement to the leaf is good and works, but the movement back to the colony has problems, the first is it moves faster when going to the colony even thou they have the same force set up and the other problem is it stops too late. When it stops the ant is already inside of the colony and when I click on another leaf the ant does not move because it’s in collision with the colony?
Do you know why this might be happening?

There are many options, i just did that.

Here’s the link to the project : Ant - Google Drive

I tried this but it wasn’t working the ant didn’t rotate. Can you take a look and see what’s happening if it’s not too much trouble.