How to get finished GDevelop game into a mobile version?

Hey all,

New to GD. How could I test my finished GD game on a mobile device? :slight_smile:


First of all the game need to be made using the Web platform.
The most simple way in case you are using GDevelop 5, you can upload the game to a build service that is going to return an apk that you can install on Android (iOS coming soon). It is free for two builds a day then require a small subscription fee. The nice thing about it you can do it directly from GDevelop 5 with a click of a button.

You can find more information here: … id_and_ios

If you made your game in GDevelop 4 maybe you can save the project in JSON file format. Go to File->Save as and enter for the file name “game.json” and save. In case the game made using the Web platform, you should be able to open the project in GDevelop 5 and use the build service.

You can also export your game, using the Cocos2d-JS as the game rendering engine and then use Cocos2d-JS command line tools to build your game for mobile.
You can also use 3rd party build services to package your game for mobile platform using PhoneGap and Cocoon for example.

Thanks :smiley: