How to get json data

I try tutorial and many thing, guess programming is not for me. I just want json data from my website and please someone explain me in very very simple way :_(
I just want to get RESULT, SET, VALUE.

You send a GET request to the URL that you linked above, in your case with an empty β€œβ€ body and store the JSON object as a string inside a variable say JSON_OBJECT

Then you parse the JSON string stored in JSON_OBJECT and store it in a variable say JSON

It can take a few seconds for your website to respond, in some cases as much as 6 seconds so you need to run the Parse JSON event multiple frames and you need to calculate with this delay. The JSON won’t be available immediately but only after few seconds.

After few seconds, you can access the values using JSON.VALUE, JSON.SET, JSON.RESULT

I have created an example for you with your link to try, you can download from here:

Hope it helps :+1:

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Bro Example link is gone :cry: I will try this.