How to get rid of bars on android

How do i get rid of the black bar underneath the game. (and the bar above which seems like a slightly diffrent color then the main background.)
I downloaded the .apk on my android phone to test some things.

Thank you!

Do other games, not which you made, open in fullscreen!?

Yes, i never seen this bar on android before.

Can be Ads from admob if you don’t check True on Overlap parameter.

Is “change height to fit the screen” turned on??

I dont have Admob in my game yet.

Yes that’s turned on.

Hmm…Have you tried playing in any other device?

Nope, havent tried that. And i dont really have acces to another android phone.

send the apk here i can test

Black bar on top is here because i’ve a anchor on my phone, and it’s also the status bar from my phone.
Otherwise everything is ok

Thank you! I really appreciate that!
Did you perhaps looked if sensors are working?

Is there a recommendation for the minium build of android for gdevelop? I mean for what version and above is gdevelop optimised?