How to get screen resolution?

To give a certain size to the window mode I need to know the screen resolution: 1440p,1080p,720p,etc. else the window will be smaller in 1440p and bigger in 720p.

What is this expression? because screenwidth()/screenheight() is the window size and SceneWindowWidth()/SceneWindowHeight() is the project resolution.

You already know the available expressions, so unless you know some javascript tricks, you’re stuck with these.
Why would there be a difference between 1440 and 720? The size is doubled, but the ratio remains the same, and that’s all that matters, no?

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I have changed the resolution of my computer from 1080p to 720p and the game windowed is bigger with the resolution of my computer in 720p than in 1080p, so you are wrong.

Yes indeed, in windowed mode, it’s expected.