How to get the click coordinates of the object.

See the below image to get the brief idea of a question
There is a box if the user click on the ball as specific point of the object then the physics force should be applied to that angle .

I don’t exactly understand what you want. Can you clarify :

  • When you click on the left side of the ball, the force will be approximatively 315° ? And on the right side 45° ?
  • When you write “in the same direction where I clicked”, do you mean that this direction depends of the direction of the move of your mouse or just the coordinates of your mouse ?
  • I don’t understand the diagram above right.

However, here is a explanation diagram of the angles :

To simply retrieve the coordinates of your mouse, use the expressions MouseX() and MouseY() (you can stock them in variables for example).

But we can’t really help you if you don’t explain your idea more precisely. :wink: