How to get the value of a instance by ID

Hi everybody!
After assigning the identifier, it would be nice to get values and coordinates referring to ID

Hey, you should apply the object identifiers as an object variable to each instance individually similar to the setup you have already,

then to reference a certain instance later, you just do:

Variable ID of (OBJECT) = (the ID of the instance you want to get info from)

Then any events under that condition (and subevents) will only apply for that ID of the instance

I know this isn’t a direct answer, but more people will be coming to make responses :wink:

Why exactly are you even assigning IDs? This is often considered a bad practice, and is extremely rarely actually useful.

Anyways, obviously, an expression can only return one value. If you use Object.Variable, it will return only one object’s ID. If you want to display all IDs, simply use a for each object event to take each object one by one, and add their ID to the text object’s text. Don’t forget to set it to an empty string before to not continue adding the same stuff to it every frame.

I want to create a container from copies of the object and use in the form of 2D array.
If I understand you … then