How to get this animation?

Hi guys !

I’ve created an automatic background animation for my game, with 0 and 1 digits, following a path. To make like a lowing data thing. It has been done using different sprites.
I would like to make more of this kind of animation, but it takes too much time and PNG doing it this way.

Is there a way I could achieve the same result using event, behaviours or stuff like that ?

Thanks a lot !

I’m not quite clear on what you mean - is it like a follow the leader type animation, where the digits follow one another? How are you doing it at the moment?

Its exactly that MrMen. I want to be able to easily give a path to something (could be a sprite of digits, could be text with digits and so …), so it follow this same path.

Right now, I have done this with 15 different PNGs that I’ve created with illutrator, giving them this movement effect.

I would like to share you my build, but I cant make build anymore. Need to figure out why Oo

Its either this message, either something about my connection (which is really good).

That wave could be reproduced using sine or cosine functions. You’d use the x position as the input to calculate the y position. Once that’s sorted, it there would be a calculation to rotate the sprites.

But I’d look at recreating it using a few tweens - a linear one for the x position, an EasInOutCubic for the y position, and another for the rotation. I’d say this would be less messy and use less events.

[edit] Just thinking about using tweens - it maybe not as simple as first thought. You’d have to get the timing right to get the sprites moving up and down at the right time/position. Or keep a track of the first sprite’s positions and apply them to the following sprites as they pass the same horizontal position.

So maybe the sine/cosine way is a better solution.

Thanks a lot !

I’ll give it a try. If its too messy, I’ll go the sprites way =p