How to handle multiple drag issue for the instances of a same object?

I have an object in my gdevelop, consider it as tomato, if I created 2 instances of tomato in my scene by dragging the same tomato object 2 times to my scene. now my issue is how to disable the draggability of another tomato, if I’m dragging one tomato. thinks works fine on laptop but when you deploy to mobile, by using 2 fingers you can drag 2 tomatoes at a time. can anyone help me with this? let me know if you need any extra information.

I had a quick test and I can see what you mean by both bring dragged. You might have to handle object dragging on your own rather then using the built in behavior.

Here’s a quick example on how a very basic system can work: (Landscape on mobile)

@Eiklahc i have tried this just now but it’s not working smooth.
code is same as yours, but I don’t know, how it’s working so smooth in the link you sent.

i mean object moment with respect to mouse position is not happening smoothly. @Eiklahc

The only other change I remember making is setting the sprites origin point to the centre via EDIT POINTS.