How to have the score follow the player

So I have made a working score box out of a text object as shown in the platformer tutorial but it seems to only stick into one position of the screen. So, how could I get it to simply go into the left corner of my screen and stay there as I move?

By the way I have set my Base camera size to Custom: 720 x 1080

All help is appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:

Add it on separate layer that doesn’t scroll and is on top of everything else.

Actually the score doesn’t have to move or follow anything :slight_smile:
Here is how to do.

  1. create a separated layer for HUD objects.
  2. place HUD layer above Base Layer
  3. place HUD objects like score, health…etc on HUD layer

that’s it, movement happens on Base Layer, HUD layer show the score, life…etc in front of the Base Layer, don’t have to move.

OMG, that’s what I said in earlier post!

I was give a bit more detail for him\her how to do it. Is that a problem? :astonished:

Thanks to both of you, I appreciate the help. Also, the more detail did help me out; thanks again. :slight_smile: