How to hide an object for the opponent in multiplayer?

How to hide an object from the opponent in multiplayer?
There is a button for each player to start, I want every player to see his button only.

Only have one button in the game? When it’s clicked use the player id to identify who clicked it in the game client.

Or have multiple buttons, each player “owns” one of them. Hide any that the player doesn’t own.

How do you check for player ID and ensure it in a multiplayer game?

It is a dice. Both of them roll it, Who got the higher number wins to start the game. I did what you said I think, each player owns one of the buttons, I hided that he doesn’t own but still there.

With the lobby I think, Then I start from the lobby scene with two preview windows.

Now I solved the issue by deleting the buttons, Another had begun, comparing between two dices to know who start playing, i used a condition that when animation od dice 1 is bigger than the other index go to start for this dices player. But it worked at the beginning of the scene, because the two dices are on the scene already, i paused the animation at the beginning of the scene and after 2 seconds the animation starts, but the event of it didn’t work.
How I can do that?