How to hide Object upon click

At the beginning: Hide NewObject7

How can I hide it with the next Left click?
I am struggling to realize which condition I need to use.

I tried this and it didn’t work(NewObject7 doesn’t even appear with the first click):

I also tried this (where NewObject7 animation = 1 is simply a transparent image)

The result is the same as my first failed attempt: NewObject7 doesn’t even appear with the first click

what do you want to achieve at all? it is not clear to me. could you explain a little more accurately?

NewObject7 appears with a left click.
How can I make it disappear with a left click again?
I am looking for the condition to use to identify that the NewObject7 is currently visible, in order to then Add action: Hide NewObject7
Basically, what is the condition for “NewObject7 is visible”?

Add Trigger Once in both click events, and a variable 0|1 to check if 0 hide if 1 show

Four new failed attempts:

NewObject7 continues to not appear with the first click.

so, are want to achive this?:

  • left click → object appear
  • left click → object disappear
  • left click → object appear
  • left click → object disappear
  • ect…

or are you want this appear- disappear happen only once?

Both would be beneficial to learn but i was aiming for it to appear more than once

so. the way I would do this task:

one main event with three sub-events. I’ll try to sketch for you.

main event:
the cursor is on the object, mouse button down, trigger once :arrow_right: change a variable of the object: +1
first sub:
check the variable’s value. if it’s greater than 1 :arrow_right: do set to 0
second sub:
check the variable’s value. if it’s 0 :arrow_right: hide the object
third sub:
check the variable’s value. if it’s 1 :arrow_right: show the object

Now, upon left-click the object “PrivacyStatement” appears, but upon a second left click: nothing happens. :pensive:

please next time read more carefully what I wrote. in the main event there is an add (+) operation. and one more thing. when you use this method, you should keep synchronously this with your other actions. for example in the “at the beginning of the screen” event, or elsewhere when you “manually” hide the object, you should change it’s variable manually too! for example you are want when variable is 0, the oject will be hidden, you should modify the value to 0 when you hide the object! keep this in mind.

Sorry, mate. Still a beginner. I did change the 1 to +1, and the problem continues to insist as you can see in the GIF:
(I am currently using some random pics.

  1. First time, I added the +1, once I click on the object “House”, the “PrivacyStatement” appears, but upon a second left-click, nothing happens.
  2. The second try, I replaced the At the beginning with changing the variable “show” of the “PrivacyStatement” to 0 (which is the hidden state), BUT the “PrivacyStatement” appears in the start of the launch and it doesn’t go away upon left-click)


Here’s my two attempts along with one more:

the first is the good version.

I’ve already tried that, “PrivacyStatement” appears, but upon a second left-click nothing happens (10sec GIF to portray this)

it has to be good. may be something other thing cause the issue. you should use the debugger function. you can check the variables and other stuff there. try to find what’s wrong.

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