How to I repeat sprite vertically

Can I need your help, im having troubling how to repeat this cloud passing by vertically from up to bottom. Here is the gif to see what I meansadasd . Thank you for the reply appreciate it

I dont understand the question or your problem.

When Cloud.X() > windowHeight
Set Cloud.X() = 0;

Like I want to cloud to loop from top to bottom

I think Bouh meant Cloud.Y(); X is horizontal.

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Yeah, Bouh’s suggestion will work. Maybe through a random in there just to make it more dyanmic.

For Each Cloud Object: 
If Cloud.Y() > WindowHeight()) || Set Cloud.Y() = "0 - (Cloud.Height() + Random(60))"

Use that in the condition only not in the action?

To step it out a bit:

  1. You’d create a new “For Each” event.
  2. You’d set it to use the object Cloud
  3. In the condition, you’d put something like " If Cloud.Y() > WindowHeight()" (Compare numbers condition)
  4. In the event, you’d put something like “Set Cloud.Y() = “0 - (Cloud.Height() + Random(60))”” (Change X position event)

That should work, I think.