How to implement ad correctly?

Hi guys! I was looking at ad requests on admob, and i noticed that the amount of request is too high in relation to total ad impressions. I don’t know about that, so i thought maybe it is wrong… So i might be doing something wrong with the ad call code.

My question is: how should the banner be implemented? Is it to be placed with the action “At the beginning of the scene” or can it look like this:

Or maybe it makes no difference how it is called?

If you do that you will load and show the ads for each frame.
That why you have multiple impressions.

The events are trigger at each frame of your game.
If you set min 30fps, you load 30 ads in one second. This is true if you set no conditions.
So use “At the beginning of the scene”

Ohh, i see! Thanks @Bouh!

Note that this kind of mistake is quite easy to make, I’d like at some point to have some automatic analysis warning about common mistakes like this (another one is launching a music without any conditions). I’ve added a card for a feature on the roadmap: Trello

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