How to implement in app purchases for Android/iOS

Hello dev community!

I just started playing around with gdevelop and I’m loving it so far. However, I don’t seem to find any tutorials or examples on implementing in-app purchases.

Is there any guides out there? Or is this even possible with gdevelop?


Where there’s a will there’s a way :slight_smile:
Coming down to earth, it does not have iap implemented, so it’s unlikely that you will find any tutorials on that.

I did try to export a sample project into mobile ready format and I’m given a code.js and index.html

I might have to play around with the code.js but it is minified and uncommented, so naturally I have no freakin idea where my buttons and other stuff are lol

I can only foresee that I will have to check out how cordova in app purchase plugins work and where to put em inside my code.

If I am however successful in implementing this, I will put up a tutorial on how to do it, thanks guys.

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