How to implement LootLocker leaderboards in Gdevelop?

Hi guys!

I would like to participate in Gamejolt “Togetherjam” game jam - Game Jolt - Games for the love of it , and ofc I want to create the game with Gdevelop.

However, the rules require us to implement LootLocker leaderboards in our game.

Can it be done with Gdevelop?

Thank you!


From a quick glance:

Long answer:
Lootlocker’s code itself appears to be C#, C++, and Go. Those won’t be able to be integrated directly into GDevelop games, which are Javascript only.

Lootlocker does have an API, but you would need to understand their API and how to make web calls, and build out your own integration using networking calls in the event system.

Short answer:
Not natively, no. You may be able to make it work but you’d be building the integration from scratch.

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Hello @uivlis ,
a workaround should be to use service.


they have an API to communicate to their services, using APIs to communicate data between loot locker and your game should be easy enough once you understand how to send / receive APIs.