How to jump more forward?


is it possible for a player to jump like in a Super Mario game?

because at the moment when the player moves and when I press to jump, then the player practically stops and jumps.

and I would like that when a player moves and when he jumps, that he jumps as far forward as possible.

and when a player stands still, and when he jumps, to just jump into the air.

I hope you can help me, and give some advice

Thank you

Hi, if you use the ‘platformer character’ - behavior as in case of the platformer example that comes together with Gdevelop you can do exactly what you described.

I understood what you meant friend and I guess you don’t even need to add code. Now if you increase the accelaration of player and decrease the deceleration of player what you want will be in the game :slight_smile: like accelaration: 1000 deceleration : 200 but you need to play with the values to make it however you like :smiley: Can you please inform me about this?

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sorry for late reply. Thanks for help, I will try that.

Will let you know :sunglasses:

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