How to keep multiple enemies separate? How to use a formula?

How I can keep different enemies separate form each other. They all stand on the same position and it becomes really easy to kill all of them by just using punches. The hero have other big power. This way there will be no use for the big powers.

And also I wanna use a formula for different purpose.

+or- V[4/V{x(V-1)}]
V is variable Difficulty of the game x is a number for my choice
I wanna add or subtract this formula in different occasions from different values.
How can I use this formula? I have tried it But it says The expression is malformed

i dont about your formula, what are you trying to use with [] and {} ?

For ennemies positions, idk all the gameplay of your game but you’d be able to randomize their position/force as you want in a “for each” loop.

rolling blackout is gonna start in my country, so after this hour I will share some event screenshot in here. wait for an hour please!