How to ledge grab when mouse controls the facing?

Hi! My platformer has a main character with a mouse controlled weapon. The weapon points to the direction of the mouse. The mouse switches also the facing of the character. Think of the old sci-fi action game Abuse.
My problem is ledge grabbing. I can’t figure out how to condition it so that the character is facing the ledge while grabbing. I’d also prefer if I could point the weapon to the ledge so that he hangs with his mace.
My problem is I don’t know how to put any conditionals to the ledge mechanic, because it comes straight out of the behaviour. Also I’m pretty much a beginner with this engine.

Hi, I have read your post a few times and tried to understand what your problem is but somehow it seems something is missing.

You can grab ledges with your player and the player can flip according to the mouse x-position. This is all working right? I don’t get the ‘face the ledge’ problem. You mean your player is grabbing the ledge but not looking there?

I don’t get this part. Could you please describe what you want to do in more detail?