How to link one object to another so they move together

There is a frame object (inverter) and there is, for example, another object. I use the behavior in the frain object to move it down so that it pops up on the euran with the second object. and i did the actions when launching the layout binding two objects. but the second object does not descend with the first

You would have a separate “for each NewPanelSprite object” event, with the condition “take into account all w1 linked with NewPanelSprite”, and then you would use the “change position” action on the w1 object to move it to whatever position you want based off the NewPanelSprite.X()/Y() positions. It’ll target the NewPanelSprite it’s linked to, and move whenever it moves.

Maybe you’ll be interested in this extension:

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thank you all very much