How to make 2.5D Camera - Rogue-Like

Hi. I am a complete newbie to this software and don’t have any experience with coding.

I am trying to create a game in similar style to “Don’t Starve” and “Cult of the Lamb”. That being said, I need help with camera setup.
I really do not know how to set up the camera correctly so that the angle is 45° and the player is facing the camera — neither do I know what conditions/actions I need to put into the events. I tried multiple different ways, but either the camera was completely upside down or the player was completely off the screen. Not to mention that the WSAD controls were totally the other way around. This is like black magic to me.

I saw some posts about 2.5D but they weren’t really explaining how to exactly do it… (very vague information).

What I want to achieve is basically this 2.5D isometric view like in DST and COTL (2D sprites in 3D environment).

Would anyone be so kind to provide a step by step tutorial how to set up the camera correctly? (even better, if with a screenshot).

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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