How to make a 3rd Person Rotating Camera with Cursor

This is not a question but a post to help people if they ever struggle with getting a rotating camera with around a Player. I was having trouble figuring this out for a while so when I figured it out I’d thought I would share how I achieved this

To achieve this you will need the Third Person Camera Extension and the Mouse Pointer Lock Extension.

You have to write this expression to a variable and set it to add
“MousePointerLock::MovementY() / 5” You then save this in a variable of whatever name you want.
Repeat this for X by swapping Y out with X and adding it to a new variable every frame (there is a picture below on how this looks).

Screenshot 2024-04-17 8.18.17 AM

Then you use the event action “Move the camera to look at a position from a distance.” and fill in it according to your object, make sure to set the Rotation angle around Z axis to the variable for X mouse pointer lock and the elevation angle to the Y variable for mouse pointer lock (Picture Below) hope this helps