How to make a ball take a number from a roulette wheel at which it lands on?

I have a ball spinning around a spinning roulette wheel that spins the opposite way, and I am trying to get the number at which the ball lands on and which colour the number is and then store those in a variable. I have been trying for a while and I’m not sure what to do about this. If anyone can help me in the right direction that would be awesome.

Can you show me the screenshot when the ball lands?
Maybe if I see I can help you better.

Here is the code for the spinning.

The ball lands on a random number.

Is the ball moving or just spinning, if it’s not moving only the wheel is moving it’s easy
You can get the values by setting values to each specific degree of the wheel object

If degree of wheel is between 16 - 20 set color to black, set value to 8
If degree of wheel is between 21 - 25 set color to red, set value to 12
If degree of wheel is ??? - ??? set color to ??, set value to ??

But… If the ball is spinning and moving around the wheel it’s a bit harder to know values since the numbers are just drawing not actual data. I’m not sure, you may need to add some points or invisible objects placed then stick on those numbers for using them as value references.

The ball is also spinning, and I found a way to add points to each of the numbers and check if the ball is in the point and it seems to be working.

It’s nice to hear that, I hope it has no any problems. Good luck!