How to make a Combo Box?

Is possible to make a combo box, check box … how?


Here is a very basic crapy example: … sp=sharing

You can select the background color, to select you have to click on a picture (checkbox), once you click on the picture, it animation is change to selected and also the background color.

I hope it helps.

It’s what I wanted, I just need to adapt pro my game

Another thing, how do I make a window ( the window is a image ) move when I click ?


You need three events:
-If you click and mouse collide the window ==> Set window’s variable “following” = 1 (and save mouse position in two variables)
-If window’s variable “following” = 1 ==> Move window to mouse position (explained bellow)
-If you release the mouse’s button and window’s variable “follofwing” = 1 ==> window’s variable “following” = 0

If you want a better drag-and-drop effect, you will have to store the mouse first click position:
…You window is at (10;0)
…You click at (50;5) (center-top of the window), save (50;5) in two variables
…You move the mouse to (65;40) (move the mouse at right-down)
…The amount of mouse’s movement is (65;40) - (50;5) = (15;35) so you move the mouse 15 units at right and 35 units at down
…Move the window in the same amount of the mouse movement (10;0) + (15;35) = (25;35) so the window “follow” the mouse movement