How to make a dash ability

trying to make a dash ability, but doesn’t seem to work…

Doesn’t work at all? You mean pressing Space has no effect whatsoever or is there more detail you could provide?

Try doing “Trigger Once” on all those conditions…
Right now you have Timer greater than 0.5 seconds. With no trigger once, I think the Dash timer is resetting on every frame so it’s never reaching 0.5 seconds to trigger the DashUse timer.

well, it only works once

that worked! now you can double dash tho… like, if you press quick enough, you get a second dash…

It should be very similar… Instead of pausing the timer Dashuse let it keep going at that point
then do this all in a new Event…

Event 1
Condition: Space key is pressed (or could do Space key is released)
Condition: Timer Dashuse is greater than 0.5 second
Condition: Timer Dashuse is NOT greater than 1 second (use INVERT condition)
Condition: Trigger once
Action: (whatever your double dash action is)
Action: Reset Timer Dashuse
Action: Pause timer Dashuse

You might need to mess around with the timing (seconds)

no, i don’t want a double dash, i want to know how to prevent it…

It looks like the player can dash every 1 second. If you want to delay a second dash then i think you just need to put more time on a timer. Like in the last line you could try for example

the timer “dashuse” is greater than 3 seconds.

Then after 3 seconds it would change the variable DashUse back to 1

well, I tried that but it still isn’t working ( btw the dash itself is for 0.5 seconds and I changed the dashuse to 0.5 as an experiment, it was originally 2 seconds… )

Try doing Trigger Once at the end of Space Key pressed condition
and also reset and pause both of the timers at the beginning of the scene (sometimes you need to do that for them to be activated properly later in the events).

i already did that :confused:

maybe try with space bar released instead of space bar pressed

it didn’t work… maybe i should give you a screenshot of my events?

If it’s a small game you could upload the game folder and i’ll take a quick look

i rather not, did that once and never got an answer. i know its stupid, but i just dont want to.

maybe if there will be no other option…

You could post some images of the events instead (its just easier to fix with an upload)

ok here you go

what’s the problem exactly?

that you can dash how many times you want if you press quick enough

Seems like it should be working. The slightly unusual thing I noticed before was that you’re using a Global variable instead of a Scene variable. I don’t think you need a global variable for that because you don’t really need to save the info of DashUse for the next scene.Did you try Space Key release (instead of key press) btw