How to make a english typing game?

Hello,i want to make a typing game.but i don’t know how to make A-Z sprites 、cursive script,Capital letter.appear randomly, if A sprites appear, press the keyboard A to add points, and the next A-Z sprites randomly, otherwise points will be deducted .

I use this game for reference.but can"t use make A-Z sprites 、 A-Z cursive script, A-ZCapital letter.
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Can you be more specific about the problem you are having?
Store all the letters in a structure or array, display one at random, and compare the displayed with the user input.

I would use “Text Object” for letters, instead of sprite object. That way you can make any letter you want show up.
You could use a font file to get cursive script. Use one text object for cursive, and another for non-cursive and use a random chance to decide which one to show the player. I don’t know where to find a cursive text font file, but I am sure they exist.
One other suggestion is to check the “UnicodeConversion” extension that can be added to your project. This adds a way to convert a number into a letter. Once you figure out the range of letters you want (like A-Z), find out the unicode number for A, unicode number for Z, then use randominRange expression to pick a random number in that range. You can then use unicodeConversion to change the number into a letter and set the Text object to that letter.