How to make a first person camera but for 3d model

How do I…

A clear and concise description of what you are trying to do.

A simple version of first person camera, for a 3d model ( Not 3d box). I tried doing it with 3d box as camera and then center 3d model on it. But it gets in Third person instead in first.

What is the expected result

A 3d model charachter vision in first person, for a game of hide and seek.

What is the actual result

A third person view with slight offset, not centered.

First person is viewing the game through the character’s eyes, so you won’t see the model, so what you’re asking for doesn’t make sense. Can you give an example of other games that have the view you’re after?

I’ve never used the FPS but I think the problem is that the camera is only available for 3D Box and not 3D Model.

I think you could set the position so that the model cannot be seen from the box’s eyes.
But maybe it’s easy if you select 3D Model in the extension.

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I was searching for something like this.