How to make a game fit to all screen size

I tried doing activate full screen but then my sprites arent in aspect ratio and they look like

and if i checked on maintain aspect ratio black bar makes the game even worst

Can anyone help please

Try the resizing settings, in the game properties

Black bar came when i tried it

You may want to take a look at Silver-Streak’s example: Implement "GUI Layer" based Scaling Options to better scale text and other objects

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There are 3 native options in GDevelop:

  1. Scale the game and do not maintain the aspect ratio. This leads to your game being stretched if the device isn’t the same aspect ratio as your game resolution. This is what you’re seeing now.
  2. Scale the game and maintain the aspect ratio. This leads to black bars on either the top/bottom or sides. This is normal and how most major retail release games today work on PC if you have a 16:10 monitor but the game supports only 16:9, or vice versa.
  3. Have the game not scale at all, and just increase/decrease the game resolution when the display resolution is different. This will avoid stretching or black bars, but will also mean your game assets may be very small if the device resolution is much higher than the game resolution.

My example fitkoh posted above tries to merge a few of the three, but you should expect black bars if you’re scaling to the correct aspect ratio, and the ratios are different.

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can you tell about opt 3 clearly i didn’t understood

The last checkbox in this screenshot means that the game will resize the window if you make the window smaller/larger/etc. This also applies if it’s on Mobile on a device that is a different resolution than your game is set to.

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But its out component of game also it includes sprite outside the frame