How to make a Ludo game like Ludo Star


I am wondering how to create a game similar to Ludo Star, here I am wondering how to create the movement of the pieces and dice apart from multiplayer

  • If your method includes or you know how to create multiplayer (online), I hope you can help me as well besides my main topic -

As I am facing a problem on how to create a dice that displays random numbers based on which the player can move one of the pieces or even remove one of the pieces from the cage when the number (6) appears, in addition to how to make the movement confined within the board and adapt the player to win by throwing on the entire board and returning to his main color?

What I have done currently is a completely incorrect way to move:

Screen Recording (7-10-2024 2-57-13 AM)

The “easiest” way to do it might be with the Linked Tools behavior. It’s similar to the pathfinder but uses linked objects. There’s a bit of a learning curve. IDK if you’re familiar with the behavior. It requires setting up the links but then it’s fairly automatic.

This is a simplified setup

To have different paths you would need to make some changes like using a different animation of object variable for each path and then link those tiles and pick them for the move.

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Thank you very much, I think what you added is what I really needed to create my game

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