How to make a player character "RUN"?

I have a “platformer character” behaviour on a player character - Move -left-right and jump.
I can’t figure out how to add “Run” option?
For example;
When right key is pressed he is moving right,
I want to add option that when he is holding right key+ctrl that he starts to move faster - “RUN”…??

The platformer behavior has a variable called maximum speed and you can change the value of this variable using events.
So what you can do for example if the left control is pressed set maximum speed to 450 and if it not pressed, set the max speed to 250 which is the default value.

It works! Thank you very much :smiley:

In the most recent version would this be the same as

Hello! I appreciate you trying to provide guidance, but please do not bump 3 year old threads. Closing this out as it’s been answered (twice now).