How to make a player stand still?

I made a player with physics 2.0 behavior who had separated arms and legs. I did joined the arms and legs but when I clicked on the preview, instead of standing still on the canvas my player started doing yoga!

So, how can I make a physics player stand still?

And is it possible to make it walk?

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Why would you want to separate the arms abd legs? make a single sprite with physics 2.0 behavior and make an animation for when it moves.

Do you have any idea @ddabrahim?

No, sorry. It is sound pretty complicated if you want each body part to be independent physics objects and you want the legs to carry the body and the body to carry the arms and head and keep all this in balance while each effected by gravity and mass and you move them around. :cold_face:
Is there any example of what are you trying to do in any games? Maybe if we see it in action what is it that you are trying to do, we would have some idea how to reproduce it.

Otherwise if all you want is some sort of soft body when the character fall or hit by something, what I would do is make the character from a single sprite for actual gameplay and when you want a soft body in the game with the arms and legs all over the place, then simply replace the player character with these physics bodies to make the soft body effect. Maybe you want to keep the soft body off screen and only move it in to position when needed so you don’t need to wait for the physics to be initialized and you can use the body straight away anytime you need it.

But, yeah if you want it to stand still and walk, jump, good luck with that :+1:
I have no idea :grin:

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Yea yea…you got me. Thanks a lot.