How to make a point click adventure game in GDevelop?

Something like this

Sorry if we arent allowed to post links

I can’t find any tuts on how to make a point and click adventure game using this program…just the platform one which I suppose could help a bit but I need more details in english.

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If you just want to make the character move wherever you click and you want to interact with items and do conversation with other characters it pretty simple but I don’t have the time to explain step by step how to do it. I can share the idea only. If you don’t know something, you can always ask on the forum.
If you don’t know anything, I suggest to start with the basics first:

1. Move the character.
If you want to move the character only from left to right whenever the mouse clicked or a button is pressed, you can simply use the condition to check if the mouse is clicked or button pressed/released and use the movement actions to make it move on the X axis or to a specified position or object.

If you want to move the character to the position of the mouse click or touch,
First add pathfinding behavior to the character and after, check if the mouse is clicked and make the character move to the position of the mouse using the pathfinding action to move an object and use the MouseX() and MouseY() expressions for X and Y position.

2. Change the scene, room however you prefer to call it.
In GDevelop you can change the scene anytime, anywhere. There is a bunch of condition to check the position, distance, collision, animation of any object. You can choose and after you can use the Change the scene action to change the scene.

3. Interacting with objects and other characters:

It something that probably start with checking if the mouse is clicked on an object, but after that millions of things can be done, so you need to be more specific what would you like to do and what is your problem.

4. Conversation
As of the conversation you can simply display text or sprite or both and check where the mouse is clicked or what button is pressed to make a selection and display more and different texts and sprites and do an other million things depends on what the player is selected during the conversation and what do you want to do.

If you need more detailed answer you need to be more specific about your problem with making your game. Your question of “how to make it” would require a complete tutorial to explain, it not something anyone going to do in a forum post. :laughing:

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Thank for the reply! :slight_smile: