How to make a scaling

For example in a resident evil type game …
How to make a progressive scaling.

I would like a shorter event that does the same but more efficient.
Some expression, function, I don’t know. just to know.
help. please.

I downloaded your file. I’ll try to get it into a function for you and link it here when done :slight_smile:

Okay, here is your project with the events converted into a function.

A few notes:

Each parameter corresponds to the objects used. You can edit the description to make it say whatever you want, just make sure that it includes the parameter tags:


If needed, you can add more objects and other types of parameters, which will each need their own tag. The configuration editor will tell you which ones are missing. Then you have to update those parameters within the event itself by selecting the object, a behavior, entering an expression, etc.

Another tip

It is easier to call the functions via variables than it is to manage lots of objects in them because variables don’t always need parameters to be defined in order to work, whereas objects do. That can be a pain across multiple scenes because all of the objects used in the function must be present in the scene’s object list, whether they are being used on every scene or not.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

And this

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I see and check this in the morning.
Thanks a lot.