How to make a simple car with physics (joints)?

Every time I try to make a 2d car with physics-joints it just start weird dancing when I accelerate.

I'm just not getting it how to use physics engine and joints. Can some one provide a tutorial link about this.

If there’s no tutorial then please make one. :pray:

This example doesn’t help?

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I like that example. But that’s not a tutorial you know. OK, I will try to understand and copy that example.

Ddabrahim, My problem solved. Now It’s not that I made a car anyhow following that example. I made my car better than the example.:grin:

Let me guess. It can fly after the first ramp and you no longer need wheels attached with joints? :face_with_monocle:

Instead of revolute joint I used wheel joint.

I will post a video later. But first help me with this: [Solved] Polygon collusion mask doesn't seems to work