How to make a simple card system like Slay the Spire?

First of all, please excuse me for my poor English. My native language is Chinese. The game is turn-based, and I have previously solved the method of selecting enemies to attack randomly, but the current battle is very monotonous, so I now want to implement a simple card system similar to Slay the Spire. I tried the Object Stack plugin, but I don’t know how it works. Is there a way to make a system very simply for me now? I think I will use very few cards, can I use obj to compose them? And is there a way to add or remove them during combat?

If this system is too complex, which simple cases should I learn first?

In order to make a card system, what you need are:

  1. Card Animations + How to display them
  2. What those cards can do
  3. Way to shuffle(draw) / discard / add / remove cards to your deck / hand

For my plugin / extension I use this

It can help you shuffle your cards then you make a loop to display animation of cards in order like this
[Card with variable value of 1] Animation set to CardArrayList[1]
[Card with variable value of 2] Animation set to CardArrayList[2]

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Thank you very much, I’m learning and wondering if there are any examples I can refer to?