How to make a sprite move through a sequence of positions

Hello, I am designing a type of board game where you roll/spin for a number and then move your character one space at a time by the click of a button on screen.
My question is how do I set up my sprite to advance throughout set positions (spaces on the board game)?
I currently have tried "When Button is pressed - Move Sprite towards (first space). and then stop.
But my problem is I dont know how to make a sequence of positions, and how to code the button to move towards the next position in the sequence every time it is pressed. Currently the button is coded to move the sprite to position one and stop, after that my attempts to set the button to move towards the next position doesnt work because the first initial action is to move the sprite to position one.
I am hoping to find a way for when the button is pressed it moves the sprite to next space on the board, and you personally move your player the number of times rolled.

Thank you for your help!

From the sounds of what you’re after, I’d set a hidden place sprite with an instance number variable (say called placeNumber) to indicate which place number it is. The first position would have placeNumber = 1, the second 2 and so on.

Keep track of the character’s current position in an instance variable (say called currentPlace). Then when the character moves, increase currentPlace by 1 and find the place sprite with placeNumber = currentPlace, and move the character to that place sprite.

I agree with MrMen. Assign a value to an object varaible of each tile and then pick the space by checking for the current value plus 1 or the number on the dice or spinner. You can then move the player through a tween or the pathfinder behavior.

MrMen’s suggestion is my preferred method, and what I did in the boss fight of the Not-A-Vania example.