How to make a system like The game "choices"

Im new to GDevelop and game dev in general but I’m trying to make a game with aspects of choices the game where you get gems and you can make decisions something like that for a project but I dont know how to

A. get the item to appear as an icon somewhere in a corner with amount of it i have
B. get it to stay there when i change scenes
C. Make choices need to consume this currency

Hey LenLen,
I suggest you look at external layouts, it’s useful for displaying an UI element across scenes, like gems as you’ve mentioned.
Alternatively, you could also do the reverse and make an external layout for each scene of dialogue.
This video should help explain as well:

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You’re welcome!
I realized I forgot to answer C.

Since Choices also has player choices in the dialogue, I recommend you learn the Yarn dialogue tree. It’s a little hard to learn, but it will be far easier to manage later when you have a big story with thousands of dialogue.
Eventually, you will learn how to use the Yarn actions to check for the variable (amount of gems) and deduct it accordingly.

Here’s the first video of a series I can recommend.
It takes a while to learn. If you get frustrated, take a break and try again.

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