How to make a throwing grenade arc pattern

Hey, I want to create an arc pattern when throwing a grenade like Barley from Brawl Stars. Here’s a link as an example:

Someone knows how to do it?

Also here’s the Joystick I’m currently using

Well, it looks like a drawing, so… draw it :grin:
Apply position of the player to the arc, and rotate/resize the arc as needed.

I wanted this for one of my projects, so I tried out Gruk’s solution.

One trick is I had to “edit points” for my arrow object, so that both the origin and the center are on top of the starting point of the arrow. This allows the arrow to rotate around it’s starting point by setting the angle to the angle between start point and mouse point (using anglebetweenPositions function)

It was a little tricky to get the bomb to arc upwards in the air before landing where the mouse position was. I decided to have a “shadow” object on the ground that just moves in a straight line between the start point and the mouse. The position of the bomb object is set to the position of the shadow object every frame, except I offset the y position of the bomb object using a sine function.

I uploaded my test project here in case OP would like to have a look


Thanks guys! You really found what I was looking for. One last thing, how do I put a cap to the max range of the arc?

There is a condition for distance between two points. You can test if the mouse point x,y is further than a certain distance away from character location point x,y.

If it is, when the mouse is clicked, there are two expressions “XFromAngleAndDistance” and YFromAngleAndDistance that returns the x,y point a distance away from a starting point, in a given direction. You can use your max range for the distance, the character point for starting point, and for direction there is another expression “AngleBetweenPositions” that can give you the angle between the character point and the mouse point