How to make a typing game?

hello,i want to make a typing game.but i don’t know how to make A-Z sprites appear randomly, if A sprites appear, press the keyboard A to add points, and the next A-Z sprites randomly, otherwise points will be deducted

An example is included with GDevelop that has some of this functionality implemented.
Have a look and see if it helps. The example is called Keyboard Practice:

I want to make this

Yes the above example show you one way how to pick a random letter and increment score if the key is pressed. Basically you want to store each letter inside an array and then using the array index you want to pick a random letter from the array. Then, using this random letter the example is highlighting the selected letter and check if the user pressed the same key as the letter.

In your case, it could be done using only animations but the same principals apply.
Here is an other example for you that does exactly what you asked for.
Download from here:

If you still don’t understand how the example works, I recommend to read up on:


Variables and arrays


External events:

Good luck :+1:

:astonished: if i have cursive script,Capital letter.How to slove? because they are same, is press a

I still don’t know how to make a typing game