How to make a Visual Novel Game with GDevelop Game Engine?

Hello, I have some questions. I’m making a Visual Novel game with Ren’Py. I looked at the Gdevelop game engine and loved it. Simple and beautiful. I use real human photographs for my visual novel. And I’m thinking of combining this with a game like Hacknet.

  1. How do I do the flow of writing in the visual novel? How can I add dialogs and images? Can you give an example or source?
  2. When I click an icon like on the computer, I want it to double open, a folder to appear or an application to open. How can I do that?

Right now I just started Gdevekop Engine. I am about to finish the game I made with Ren’Py, but I want to improve it further with Gdevelop. I asked too many questions. I hope I can get help. Thanks in advance.

The draft of the game. There are real people now.

Please check the “dialogue tree” example project, you can use this to handle all your dialogs, and you can add tags to your dialogue branches to trigger image changes.
I didn’t understand question number 2, sorry. Do you mean inside your game, or a shortcut to open Gdevelop, or…?

Thanks. When I click on an icon on the game screen twice, I want a screen to open.

There is a “Double-click” extension available in the extension list, that should make your actions easier.

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