How to make an animation

how do i make a ball rolling animation with pyskel in gdevelop

You set a number of frames (images) that represent the movement of the ball. In Piskel you do that by pressing ‘add new frame’. You can also copy frames so you don’t need to draw the ball again and again.
Since a ball looks from all sides the same you need to have a pattern or a shadow that changes and gives the illusion of the rolling ball. If you have, let’s say, a basketball you can draw the ball once and just rotate it a little bit in the next frame, since the changing position of the pattern will give the illusion of movement.

How you do that in detail depends on the style of your game and the perspective (side-view, top-down etc.). You can even find sprite-sheets for rolling balls online that can give you some inspiration.

Hi 7even_45, you haven’t said how you intend to use the ball rolling. As Drona said, you need to have some kind of pattern or highlight/shadow on the ball so that the rolling is noticeable.

A different way to do it without animations is to have a rolling ball with the physics behaviour set to dynamic. You would also need to give the surface it’s rolling on a physics behaviour as well, but with the static type. There’s no animations needed for this method as the physics means it is actually a rolling ball.

it is a platformer where the basketball is the main character

Alright, so was anything that Bubble and I wrote helpful for making your rolling ball animation?