How To Make An Endless Jump Platformer

Hello, already searched the forums and couldn’t find so apologies if this has been addressed.

I’m trying to make an endless jump Platformer, all you do is move the player left and right, the background a parallax screen, you gain power ups and in game currency as you jump for cool items.

So far, all I’ve been able to do is: make the background parallax, turn the platforms into ‘jump pads’ and move the player. I’m stuck on making it endless.

I’ve tried multiple online tutorials and YouTube videos to help me achieve this, yet nothing sufficiently meets my needs. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I should approach this?


There are actually multiple examples in the main example list for this, included in the engine itself.

For a horizontal endless runner, check out the Run Dino Run example.

For vertical endless jumper, check out the Endless Up Runner example.

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