How to make an object at a specific distance from a point?

I am trying to create an object 10 pixels away from anchor but from some directions it creates the object really close to the anchor
So how can I solve that?

And i also want to create a line using shapepainter from player to the bait how to do that?

You are aware 10 pixels is very close?

Also it would be Anchor.CenterX() same for Y

AND since you are using point inside anchor then from that point it counts 5 pixels

So if your anchor is 10 pixels long then center point will be at 5 from left and right

So it will count 5 pixels from it which is still inside your anchor object
And then add another 5 which to reach 10 pixels distance
Which means you are making it 5 pixels away from actual image

On top of that you are creating object which IF have moved origin point will eat up even more pixels

I know i know the thing is my camera is zoomed
So what I am trying to create is a fishing mechanic but the line and bait are problem and another problem I am facing is stopping the player animation at a certain point