How to make an object controlled by the mouse without moving your mouse

I’ve been trying to replicate a feature found in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 where you can make an object that moves with your mouse while your actual cursor stays locked to the middle of the screen while hidden. I know how to hide the cursor but how can i make a simple mouse controlled object separate from your real mouse cursor?

You can hide your system mouse cursor with the “Hide the cursor” action. Which will hide the cursor whenever the game is in focus.

You can then set up a sprite (or any object) and set it’s position to the CursorX/Y expressions. It will still move to whereever your mouse is actually located at on the game screen.

You cannot, however, force the system cursor to not actually move. GDevelop games are run in browsers (even when built as an EXE, it is running as Chromium), and operating systems do not allow browsers to take control of the cursor.