How to make circular menu?

How do I make this kind of quick menu ?
I’ve been trying 7 hours now. Have no luck


Hmm…My best guess would be the following:

  • Create one sprite that has the full ring in it.
  • Each animation for the sprite should be a different the selector in each possible position.
  • You will add the icons/text as separate sprites/items that sites ontop of the menu when visible.
  • You would set up events based off the current animation of the menu. So “If Animation is currently 0 (Top position) AND Right key is pressed (or direction, etc) || Change to Animation 1 (Upper right position”
  • You would then also have events for “If Animation is currently 1 AND Select key is pressed || do this thing”

Again, entirely a guess. There may be better ways to do it.


This is only good for four section only :frowning_face:. I tried 8 but damn hard and add force event always buggy.

I’m glad it at least works for the 4 section, but can you show the events you made? Maybe there’s a way to make it work.

I tried and succeeded, for the graphical part, at least.
I created a sprite of 45° and then spawned it eight times with the same angle difference.
Then I spawned the weapon objects on available slots (points of the instances).

Give it a good try and show us where you get stuck, we’ll guide you along the way. :+1:
If you want 8 sections, each should be 45°, if you want 12, each should be 30°… to get a full circle.

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