How to make cursor invisible? [ SOLVED! ]

Sure, there’s an option to hide the cursor, but it keeps becoming visible again upon clicking or moving the mouse.
If you don’t know how to make it invisible, can you at least tell me how to change the cursor sprite?

The action surely hides the mouse, but maybe in the preview GD keeps the cursor visible, try to compile and test :slight_smile:

Easy, just add a sprite object (e.g. “Cursor”) and allways set “Cursor” position = Mouse position:

It will be more precise if you set the “Origin” point of the “Cursor” sprite in the main cursor point :wink: :

No, it makes cursor visible even after compiling (know from experience). Correct way to hide cursor is to use hide mouse cursor in a condition-less event (i.e. one that is constantly firing, that worked for me.

But… I tested it yesterday: “At the beginning of the scene” ==> “Hide the cursor”, in the preview the cursor was visible but in the compiled game worked fine :confused:

Of course there is some kind of strange bug/incompatibility, e.g. I can’t test this game: AlcyonForce, because I haven’t any mouse (visible or hidden) :neutral_face:

Thank you, guys. You were right - it’s only the preview. Post-compilation it works like a charm.