How to make dialogue function without options

watch the video that i saw in this post Interaction dialogue - #2 by zayddahhaoui
so i watched worriedpixels tutorial i made almost accordingly to the tutorial leaving instructions out, and now when i press z the dialogue wont end, (and also player gets bugged when approaching a npc plz help)

You need to post a screenshot of the events giving you problems. In the meantime, compare the events, including variable names and capitalization.

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Just so you know. I’m not ignoring you. The dialog system isn’t something I use. But, I know there are others who do. I wish you luck.

ask others to help me with it

Hi D100. You are using the same button (‘z’) to launch and end your dialogue. So, when you press ‘z’ to end dialogue, even if you press it very quickly, dialogue 1 will repeat again immediately, and you’ll be trapped in endless dialogue.

The easiest way to fix this issue is to use a different button to end dialogue e.g. use z to begin dialogue and x to end it.

It is possible to use the same button for both events, but this would require additional condition(s). I use a timer and a global boolean variable to get mine to work with one button, but I have not fully tested it yet.

Also, is it important that all the z-order actions happen every frame? You have a lot of z-order actions running constantly, and the ‘Move DELLO away’ happening constantly too. That might be why your player character behaves strangely. These actions might be better as part of the ‘At the beginning of the scene’ event, unless you need them to run all the time. z-order can also be set in the scene editor.

can you show me because i am a bit confused

can you show me please whrere do i need to fix it

I explained in my first reply that you are using the same button for two things that will run at the same time when you press ‘z’, and that’s why you get trapped in dialogue (why ‘dialogue won’t end’). I suggested using a different button for one of the events.


I also talked about a few other things, like your z-ordering running all the time (‘every frame’).

If you’re new to GDevelop and are not sure about these concepts, I would encourage you to follow some tutorials - even ones about game genres you’re not interested in - read other posts on this forum and take a look at the GDevelop Wiki.

When I started out with GDevelop last year I learned a lot by following Victris Games tutorial series, before I attempted to start my own project, as well as the official GDevelop tutorial videos. Looking at example game templates is also useful. You can access those from within GDevelop (the Home tab). Good luck.

well my game is top down rpg and placing z order to at the beginning of the scene event didn’t change the erratic behaviour of my character, they still, upon approaching an npc, teleport a small inch further from the npc