How to make enemys spawn in waves

I have been watching videos on how to make a TD game but cant figure out how to make different enemies spawn in waves(the videos don’t say anything about how to do it).

Welcome, @burnoutshrig.
if you’re looking for spawning enemies in waves like in the time you can use the timer function here’s a good tutorial: Timers And Delays - Intermediate Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube
and if you want it to spawn after killing certain amounts of enemies you can use a variable for storing how many enemies had been killed and if the enemies are more than X(6 as an example). spawn more enemies,

I can also recommend you the extension ObjectSpawner.

How to use?

  • install the extension “ObjectSpawner”
  • create an spawn object add the new behaviour “ObjectSpawner”


How to use in the events?
select your enemy and select the spawn point.

yea i tried it earlier and couldn’t figure it out thanks for the help

how exactly would you set up this timer like making multiple enemies spawn.

well first of all just wanted to point out that you shouldn’t get used to getting exact answers, if you wanted your game to actually be able to finish, while people tend not to respond to complex answers (including me) just noting, not judging.
but here is how it goes:
set up a timer by using “reset/start timer” and then add a new action
"if timer > X(any time you want) "| reset timer. and spawn enemies.