How to make fall damage ?

I need the player when falling from certain height and on floor … he takes damage (or whatever)

how can i make that ?

What I would do, is check how long the player is falling instead of checking the height. When the player start falling, start a timer and when the player hit the ground check the value of the timer. If the value of the timer is greater than say 2 seconds than reduce health because the player was falling from high as it took long time to hit the ground. Also don’t forget to reset and pause the timer when the player hit the ground so the timer start at 0 every single time the player is falling.

Can someone explain me how to make it ?

Ddabrahim explained that pretty well already:

Is this ok?

At the moment, the entire time the player is falling you’ll be resetting the timer, so it will never count up. You should add a “Trigger once” condition to avoid this.

And maybe replace “reset timer” with “unpause timer” (this way the trigger once becomes optional), because you’re pausing it while on floor, and the timer is already reset when falling.

Thank you :unamused: