How to make footprints

Hi, I’m making a game that uses footprints instead of characters.When I press wasd, I want to create a footprint in the right direction and move the camera along the footprint. I wnat to make footprints system like the game “dark echo” (Dark Echo Trailer - YouTube)
Thx for helping me:)


This is what I would do for the footprints:

Set the footprint as the character. Make sure to change the Y and X pos of the camera to lerp (camera.X(), character.X()) and do the same for the Y.
Set character behavior to top-down, and adjust settings as you need them. When character walks, set your animation to show the foot, a step with no foot, and a step with the print shifted (the walk cycle) and play. make the foot idle, etc, animes as you want. Run a timer to “create track” behind the footprint with a track object that has a tween every A seconds, and tween the prints to fade after B seconds. Make sure to trigger the “create track” action once, or it will create a bajillion prints and lag.

Now, I am sure others will also post their ideas which are probably a lot better, but this is what I would do, maybe it gives you an idea of where to start from :slight_smile:

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So @snobunni if I understand you correctly, you would have the Player sprite idle animation as an image of 2 footprints together, and the player sprite walk animation as a few images, like an image of a left foot, then a blank, then a right foot, set on a loop?

I think it sounds like a good idea. But I’m a little lost how to create the prints that stay behind. But I don’t think he’d have to worry about fading them, the trailer doesn’t show them fading, but it does show them disappearing if in collision with the red lines.

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Hi LuckyJ, yes, that is correct on the animation. :slight_smile:
Here is a snip of code I used for making a “slime trail” in my game Monkey Milk, I used this code throughout with some mods for footprints from other creatures and I think it explains better to see it what I was trying to say, hope that helps :slight_smile:

And the in-game result:


Yes it explains it more perfectly, tyvm. Also I love it, it looks amazing!


Hi, snobunni:) Can u help me more with making track which is fading? I can make moving things but I can’t understand how to make tracks…Here is what I did

I just found it how to make this thing tysm:)

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Cool. I thought about this today, and came up with a rudimentary way to do it differently, so don’t know if you want to try this one as well, it needs some tweaking, but it’s another way to do it:

Anyway, good luck! :slight_smile:

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I love the concept. So, I also gave it a try. I used a separate sprite for each foot and added an alternating foot based on distance.

Edit: I thought of having it add a set of feet when the player stopped. IDK if you’d have to check the distance from the last step. So, I decided to keep it simple.

Edit: I moved the initial step to the beginning. (last edit, I removed a timer that I used in previous version. A timer might be better for controlling the spacing. IDK)

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